The of Anthropology and Sociology Journal VIRAJES is an open-access scientific publication of APC (Article Processing Charge) that circulates semi-annually. It is attached to the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences and is supported in the editorial process by the Research and Graduate Studies Vice-rector`s Office at Universidad de Caldas. Articles in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish can be submitted. It is a semi-annual publication aimed at researchers, professionals and academics interested in the discussions of contemporary social sciences. The Journal publishes original research products, reflection articles and review articles on topics such as social movements, decolonial studies, cultural studies, Amerindian ontologies, intersectionality, interculturalism and democracy, archeology, bio-anthropology, heritage studies, contemporary linguistic studies, studies on capitalism, contemporary social theory and discussions on social research methods.


The purpose of the Anthropology and Sociology Journal: VIRAJES is to provide a space to make social research debates visible. The journal nourishes from both the research of the graduate training processes and the applied research in the different subdisciplines of anthropology and sociology. It addresses discussions from a plural perspective that takes into account the diversity of subjects and research topics, and the epistemological and methodological approaches. The journal also recognizes the indissoluble implication between ethics, politics, practice and knowledge production and it considers research results as a process and not as a finished product.